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The Little Angels Needy Children and Orphan Project was founded in 2011 by Duncan Musinguzi Nelson, when he was 24 years old. The project is committed to improving the lives of the children, and offering them an education and a higher standard of living.

We believe we are unique to larger charities operating here in Africa, we pride ourselves on being able to show our visitors and donators exactly where there money is being spent. We are a smaller charity and have the advantage of being able to spend the large majority of our donations directly on the children and their educational needs. Five classrooms, an office and a toilet block have been built with construction already commenced on another classroom and accommodation for our volunteers.

All of this has been achieved solely by donations and sponsorship received from generous tourists visiting our local area. Little Angels needs all the help and support we can get, so please read through our website to see how you can help, we can do so much with so little and you can be a part of that. 

There are currently 282 registered needy children under the care of Little Angels Needy Children & Orphan Project. These children are between the ages of 3 and 14 years old. It is noted that in Uganda the loss of one parent is tantamount to orphanage. The loss of one or both parents typically causes severe limitations on the ability to generate income. In turn this has a significant, negative impact on the well-being and social mobility of the child. A child that has lost one parent is referred to as a 'single orphan' and a child that has lost both parents is referred to as a 'double orphan'. Where possible orphans are brought under the care of a relative and this arrangement is facilitated and managed by Little Angels Needy Children & Orphan Project. There are currently 45 single orphans and 61 double orphans under our care.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic  Who is Duncan Musinguzi?

Duncan grew up in a poor family and became a sponsored child at the age of 14. Duncan successfully completed High School and had an ambition of completing further studies to become a doctor .Duncan was born on 12/01/1988.However after High School his sponsor was unable to continue to support him financially, so his dream of being a doctor could not be achieved as he could not afford the tuition costs. Instead of being disappointed on missing out on his dream, Duncan wanted to show his appreciation to his sponsor by giving back to his local community. And so, aged just 24, Duncan decided to start a project for the children who were from financially disadvantaged backgrounds and provide them with opportunities.

All children are cute but our kids are adorable

Guess there are a lot of kids without anyone in the world, who are just all by themselves. I believe God loves them and Duncan loves them too.

We may not all make it to heaven but everyone can help a little angel, volunteer with us at little angels and change a life for the better


Of the 282 registered children (3-14years). Of these 282 children 102are double orphan and 70are single orphan,110 have parents but very very poor.All primary age children are attending school but your help is needed to ensure that the children all continue going to school.Little has so far registered 160 girls and 122 boys of which 5 of them are children with special needs.

Little Angels Uganda has both nursery and primary school,with classes where by we have primary 7 which is a last class in the primary education system of Uganda which allows one to qualify to go to secondary/high school.


Little Angels Needy Children & Orphan Project does not currently have the capacity to house the orphans in a building designated for the purpose of providing a dwelling for the children. They are housed amongst the community under the care of registered guardians where there is no electricity or running water as the Mwendo area does not have infrastructure to support this.

The Little Angels orphans and needy children live in very poor conditions. Most children do not sleep in a bed at night. Some children sleep on a mat on the floor while others sleep directly on the floor. Provisions of mattresses, beds and bedding will significantly improve the living conditions. 


The Little Angels Needy Children & Orphan Project beneficiaries are subject to near-universal poverty conditions. Despite being preventable through adequate nutrition; conditions including Marasmus, Kwarshiokor, and stunted growth are highly prevalent. Very few (if any) of the needy children under Little Angels Needy Children & Orphan Project care can afford to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Sweet potatoes, beans and Irish potatoes are the staple elements of the needy children's diet.


Diseases pose a significant threat to needy children of Bufuka. AIDS is the underlying cause of much of the orphanism across Africa. Education programmes are having a positive impact on the rate of HIV infection. This education reinforces the need for preventative health in response to the threat of vector-borne diseases such as malaria and transmittable diseases such as HIV/AIDS.

Impact of Poverty

As described above all Little Angels children are living significantly below the poverty line. As well as malnutrition some children have to sell labour (work) to buy scholastic materials. This can cause constant absenteeism and eventually they cannot keep pace with their school work. Typically they drop out of school or have to repeat the grade. Some girls and boys reach age 17 or 18 while still in primary due to academic failure caused by attempting to work to pay for school fees and complete their schooling at the same time. 

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