Our Mission

Promote inclusion of children with special needs and provide ongoing training and support for teachers, families and building schools all over the Bufuka area on Lake Bunyonyi.

The beliefs and philosophy of Little Angels Needy Children & Orphan Project are:

  • Young people are born in villages with great academic potential to influence the future economy and contribute to the world but very few ever get the opportunity of getting higher in Education.
  • These children have either poor guardians or no guardians and need resources to allow them to be educated. Often the lack of resources causes these children to drop out of school and go into work to contribute to family income or to survive alone living on the street.
  • These children are at risk due to various diseases. These children need education on health practice and resources for treatment.
  • We are hoping that with the help those who love children and pray for them we shall raise them and rescue those on the verge of losing their education or their lives.

Our People:

Little angels works not only with the children of Bunyonyi but also its residents. If you are lucky enough to come to visit us, we can also introduce you to some of our friendly locals, like Frieda.

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Frieda's full name is Joy Winnie Frieda Nyarufuunjo ( Nyarufuunjo meaning that her mother gave birth to her in the swamp) she is in her 90's and has seen Uganda change alot over the last 90 years. Friendly and loveable she is the local character, like everybody's loveable grandmother when she meets you she will inspect you to make sure you are healthy and happy, and happily show you the traditional ways of milling sorghum and making baskets from swamp Papyrus, and banana leaves. She is funny to everyone and is like a grandmother to all the children. Listening to her story translated by Duncan around the way she was married, to her husband David (with whom she is still in love with today) and how she lived years ago is fascinating, and her eyesight and strength to continue making traditional goods the traditional way is a blessing and lesson to everyone. She has 9 children and 36 grandchildren. You will leave her with a smile on your face, a friendly pat on the bum, and a song in your ears. 

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